Turn your gaming hobby into a profit

  • Genbby is the new decentralized gaming ecosystem that will redefine fair competition and guide all gamers to a profitable hobby.

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Global problem

The current model operation in the gaming industry is centralized

Current gaming model focuses only on highly competitive players, without any opportunities to profit for the rest.

Prolonged stagnation for each player with no options to save their progress, causing gamers to lose interest and motivation.

Dependency on third parties: game developers and payment transactions.

Genbby ecosystem solution

Offers a decentralized model operation for any gamer

Make a profit by playing any competitive game

Supported by AI & Blockchain

A.I. adapts according to gamer needs

GG BANG Framework: Motivates any gamer to explore their hobby in universities, colleges, institutes

Proof of work:
Genbby Competitive platform

Be transparent to all our supporters to build trust along the way.

User Interface & Experience

Performance Metrics


Profit engine:

New games continually added to the Genbby ecosystem to profit

Creative monopoly:

Explore new markets of niches to generate adoption of the Genbby ecosystem

Network effect:

Being able to lead an entire industry serving as a digital network without the need of external or material resources.

Go to market plan

Inspire gamers to see their hobby as an opportunity to generate income.

The Roadmap

Genbby Roadmap for 2018


If you believe in GENBBY and ITS POTENTIAL, invest in GG Tokens.


May 19, 2018
(13:00:00 UTC)
End date: June 16, 2018 (13:00:00 UTC)
Token supply in sales: 50,000,000 GG
GG Token value $1 USD
Minimum goal to start: $5M USD
Currency accepted:
Bitcoin cash


Token FAQ

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Genbby Team

Joan Morayra

CEO and Product Architect

9 years of experiences in the industry
  • Retired Starcraft 2 programer
  • First foreigner to join a professional korean team
  • Four times champion at National WCG
  • Three times champion at Panamerian WCG


1st place

3rt place

Top 4


Elvis capia

Blockchain Architect ∧ Algorithm design

  • MSc Current in machine learning at University of Campinas.
  • World Final TCS Global Coding Contest.
  • 6th place in South America Regional Contest in ACM ICPC.

Leonidas García

Blockchain & Algorithm developer

  • Top 100 in IEEEXtreme 11.0
  • Top 300 in UVa Online judge Authors Ranklist.

Alejandro Ramirez

Deep learning research & Computer vision

  • MSc Student in computer vision at UNI.

Antoni Mauricio

Miltiagent research & AI architect

  • Dropout PHD at Stanford University in Artificial intelligence.
  • Internship Carnegie Mellon University.
  • National recognition for the government of Peru.

German de la Cruz

Bot developer

Romina Schenone

UI & UX designer

  • Award Winternitz 2015 - 2016
  • Award for critics 2017

Erika Yakabi

Concept Art designer

Samir Moraya

Marketing & Growth hacking

Carlos Duran

Full Stack developer

Anthony Rosas

Frontend developer

Rouslan Guevara

Community manager